Monday, April 5, 2010

Saddle Soars

  Most gear for your bike you buy off the shelf, some you even get custom fit ,but some of the most important equipment your born with ,That is your rump . This is one of the most important assets you have ,pardon the pun ,but this is the one item you must break in and this can only be done by time in the saddle .Comfortable seats will make this much easier but it still takes time and miles ,a lot of both is the one and only cure for this. Also make sure you wear comfortable clothing ,nothing that will bind or chafe you, there are many powders on the market to help you with this issue , one being called Monkey butt ,a very appropriate name if ya know what I mean ,this product seams to do the job well , but any good powder will help. A little in your underwear and some in your socks will help you on a long ride. Being more comfortable is one of the main tricks to making your break in bike ride the most pleasurable experience it can be. Til next time .

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Workin for a Livin

  The time we spend at work can only be offset by the time spent on the saddle ,I know in my heart that we must work only to pay for our pleasures , Like I always say if it wasn’t for the rain you would never appreciate the sunshine. But I am finding it harder and harder to go to work on those days ,you know those days that don’t come often enough where the sun and wind are just perfect . And the road is calling you , but you need that paycheck for that next piece of chrome and a tank of gas, rent might be late this month but who cares the tank is full and that baby is shining . Hope they don’t ask me to work this weekend ,it ain’t going to happen, there’s a bike event only a couple miles away and I can’t miss it, they got some bad ass bands playing that I really want to see and Mister weather looks like he’s going to cooperate . Well I got go and get my cloths washed and my stuff packed for the weekend so that I can be ready for work on Monday ,I hate being late to work “yea right “ well I tell you how it work out hope I don’t have to quit my job over this one “AGAIN”. Till next time ,keep you saddle warm and your rubber hot.

Wind in my Face

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a ride with some dear friends of mine though the back road of Southern Louisiana. This was to be about a 3 hour tour ,but once we got started it was hard to stop ,we were seeing sites that can only be seen and felt from behind the set of handle bars of a bike, The couple I was riding with( Keith & Rose ) had been riding together for many year and this was very evident in following them down the road ,it was like watching synchronized swimmers at their best. With the weather still in transition it was still a little cool and the gloves I had on were coming in handy .We stopped for a quaint lunch at a place called Hog Heaven(some of the best BBQ I ever had). After the stop we were able to find a great biker flea market and scored some great deals. After that we resumed our ride and chose to take the longer of several routes to the next destination which would be a can't miss place called The Ole Post Office Pizza & Daiquiris ,this place has it all great pizza as well as great appetizers and some of the best daiquiris we had ever tasted. What a way to end a perfect ride. I can't hardly wait till the next chance I get to ride with these dear friends.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time to Ride

Season to ride your bike is coming fast upon us .Were all looking foward to blue skys and dry roads. Right now is a great time to go through your bike and your gear. Check your tire pressures and oil . Also don't forget about your personal gear leather jackets and gloves ,use a good conditioner to get them ready for the season (helps them repel water better) and gives them a longer life. Be safe this season !